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Tourist Attractions in Yogyakarta Boosts the Local Economy Watu Sewu, a tourist attraction in Mangunan Village, Dlingo sub-district, Bantul. (PHOTO: Dwijo Suyono/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESBATAM, YOGYAKARTA – One of the members of DPRD DI Yogyakarta (Regional People’s Representative Council), Suharwanto, said that the existence of various tourist attractions in Mangunan Village, Dlingo sub-district, Bantul, is boosting the local economy.

For example, the existence of Watu Sewu has affected the income of the locals, as this tourist attraction has been visited by many visitors.

 “There is a decline in poverty in Yogyakarta. In fact, the poverty number Yogyakarta is in the 8th national rank with 11.7% scale. This decline is caused by the increase of the natural tourist attraction in Yogyakarta,” said Suharwanto while visiting the Mangunan Village on Wednesday (11/12/2019).

He promised he would try to improve the economy growth in tourism, so that it would be a great support for the local economy.

The Head of DIY Tourism Department, Singgih Raharjo, said that his team would always try to build a strong networking in order to improve the quality of tourism in Yogyakarta.

 “We also cooperate with various tourism practitioners and associations to improve the tourism service,”said Singgih.

Moreover, DIY Tourism Department has contributed IDR 5.7 billion to fund the tourism in the area of Mangunan, Dlingo, in form of a cooperative established by the locals.

 “We have the concept of Community Based Tourism that really involves the society to be the essential part of developing the existing tourist attractions, and we also apply the profit sharing method. In fact, the government has recorded an income up to IDR 2.3 billion by sharing the profit with the tourism managers in Mangunan,” explained Singgih.

According to Singgih, the forest area belongs to the Regional Government of DIY. Meanwhile, the rest of the area is managed by the locals to be the tourism area by using the funding from the cooperative named Notowono.

Ari Purwanto, the manager of Watu Sewu Songgolangit Mangunan, expressed his gratitude towards the government who has empowered the improvement of the tourism objects.

 “We used to be the farmers, but now we have managed to turn the unproductive area into a tourism attraction. The local economy is positively affected by the tourism attraction managed by the locals,” said Ari.

According to him, in 2017, his team had contributed funding around IDR 317 million to the Regional Government of DI Yogyakarta, and IDR 400 million in 2018. “We hope we can always improve the service. We also add some interesting photo spots and develop the concept of camping glamour. In addition, we add some cultural attractions that will entertain the visitors,” said Ari. (*)

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